Google Advr, Qualcomm’s under glass Fingerprint Sensor and Xiaomi’s Cinema Projector!

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Welcome to another notable post for the day ending June 28, 2017. In today’s article, we take a look at Google’s ambitious Area 120 Advr Project, Xiaomi’s own 150 inch Cinema grade projector and Qualcomm’s under glass fingerprint sensor.

Without further ado, these are the notable posts for the day!

Xiaomi’s 150 Inch Cinema Grade projector

Xiaomi, the well known technology company more popularly known in the offline market as “Mi”, popular for its Redmi and Mi line of devices, today in China launched a TV projector that is quite the head turner. Xiaomi launched its Mi TV Projector which is basically a Mi TV packed into a small box a bit larger than your average Set Top Box, equipped with 4 Dolby Atmos and DTS certified speakers along with the usual connector array, capable of projecting a 150inch display at 4K resolution. It has also gotten the Mi Tv user interface programmed into it and it retails for a mere Rs. 1,00,000. Now, although 1 Lac Rupees may seem like a lot to you and me but the kind of quality that this device offers, it is the equivalent to a movie theater packed into that tiny box. Offerings from other competitors usually retail for double or even triple the price point at which this one is available.

Qualcomm’s under glass fingerprint sensor

Qualcomm today at Mobile World Congress, Shanghai (A technology expo at Shanghai much like Mobile World Congress, Barcelona) announced that it has plans to incorporate under the glass fingerprint sensors to its upcoming line of SoCs. Rumors had already been floating around that such technology is in works and today, Qualcomm have confirmed it. How it’ll work is that, Qualcomm will use ultrasonic vibrations once a finger is placed on the display despite it being turned on or off to scan the same for a match and once it locates one, it will automatically unlock the device. This paves way for a more cleaner design language of smartphones as it removes the need to create a depression in either the front or back of the display for the fingerprint sensor which further means that since that depression won’t be required anymore, waterproofing the phone will also become a lot easier. Qualcomm has said that the scanning technology will go even further to tell and correctly predict the BP and Pulse of a person scanning his or her finger by merely pressing the display. They have also stated that these under the glass Fingerprint sensors will even work under water unlike the current generation capacitive sensors. Qualcomm has said that will begin distributing these next generation chips starting this October, 2017 and will be available commercially on devices starting early 2018.

Google Advr

Just a while ago, Google announced a new project titled Google Advr. Advr is an in house incubated project for placing advertisements in VR based content. This project comes out of Google’s own area 120 which is similar for Microsoft’s Garage wherein projects are incubated check their viability. Advr aims to place advertisements in VR Content through a placing a cube on the side of the content which when interacted with through either a tap or by staring at it, unfurls to reveal dynamic and immersive VR content in the form of advertisements. Ad Revenue is Google’s biggest source of revenue to this day and so we can see this project pick up steam real soon. Expect to see Advr in a number of VR based content for Google Cardboard, Google Daydream and even on the Samsung Gear VR pretty soon. 

and that about does it for today’s post for all notable news!

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