Amazon Echo coming to India, Vivo’s under glass fingerprint sensor and a decade of the iPhone

Good evening everyone!

Welcome to another installment of notable news at Nightlytech. In today’s piece, we take a look at Vivo’s attempt at the under glass fingerprint sensor recently announced by Qualcomm followed by the possibility of Amazon Echo coming to India quite soon and finally a look at a decade of the iPhone.


Vivo’s under glass Fingerprint Sensor

If you’ve gone through my yesterday’s notable post concerning under glass fingerprint sensors announced by Qualcomm at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, then you probably know what I’m talking about. Otherwise, let me redirect you to this particular post here for more info on that.

Coming back to the news from Vivo, probably nobody would’ve guessed that right after Qualcomm announced it, the very first company to come out with a working prototype would be the Chinese brand Vivo. Well, you heard it right, Vivo has showcased its prototype units of the upcoming Vivos V series which come with under the glass along with under the metal fingerprint sensors. This might be the first instance ever where a Chinese brand has taken the edge over other bigger and well-known brands such as Samsung or Apple.

Amazon Echo coming to India soon

Amazon Echo, the AI-powered speaker by Amazon might be coming to India quite soon with Amazon’s very own AI assistant Alexa in tow. Alexa is basically Amazon’s own version of the AI assistants such as the Google Assistant by Google or Siri by Apple or even Cortana by Microsoft. The version of Alexa that would be coming to India shall have the ability to speak in Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu barring English which it already does. It will be a really interesting proposition to see what Alexa in Indic languages sounds like once it launches!

A decade of the iPhone: A Quick Look

Today is the official 10 year anniversary of the original iPhone. It represents a significant landmark in terms of how much technology has advanced from then to now and all the numerous iterations and massive developments we had over the years. In closing of today’s notable series, I present you with a video from one of my favorite Tech Critics, Walt Mossberg and his review of the original iPhone!


And that’s about it from me for today!

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