Of Facebook Wi-fi, exploding J7’s and jelly effect on One Plus 5!

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Welcome to today’s Notable posts on Nightlytech! In today’s post, we talk about Facebooks’ new Wi-Fi locator integrated into the Facebook app along with news of an exploding Samsung J7 (2016) in Pakistan and finally about the Jelly like effect on the display of the One Plus 5.

Without further ado, let’s proceed!

Facebook’s Wi-Fi Locator

Starting today, Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform (Which in a recent survey hit 2 Billion users) today has started a phased worldwide rollout of a new feature which essentially assists you to find nearby open public hotspots for personal consumption. You basically open up the Facebook app and swipe to the extreme right panel wherein you will find an option titled “WiFi Nearby” which when tapped will display you a map of hotspots with open WiFi connections along with directions on how to get there. This feature might just prove a boon to those traveling or with limited data plans.

Exploding Samsung J7 (2016)

Today, there has been a news story making rounds about an exploding J7 (2016) from Pakistan. News tells us that, the incident happened after a Pakistani lady gave her J7 (2016) to her 4-year-old nephew who was playing “Talking Tom” on the device moments before it exploded. The lady has uploaded the photographs as Photographic evidence which can be found here.

Luckily, no one was injured in the mishap. Such an incident is worrisome as the manufacturer is currently in the midst of taking active steps to sell the ” erstwhile Ticking Bomb” Note7 under the banner of the Samsung Galaxy Note FE with some modifications in tow in the battery department.

The One Plus 5 “Jelly” issue

One Plus just can’t seem to catch a break. Right after the International launch of the One Plus 5, news surfaced that One Plus had cheated on benchmarking apps with the One Plus 5 which was later proved to be true. Following such news, another one began making rounds which relate to several users complaining of a “Jelly” like issue with their One Plus 5.

XDA, a very popular technical forum along with One Plus’ one forum has finally gotten to the root of it and discovered that the display one the One Plus 5 is placed in an inverted manner which is through software in the kernel made to rotate 180 degrees. Theories suggest that this was done to accommodate the dual camera setup by making more room to place the cameras in the same block while inverting the display and connecting it to the motherboard at a shorter distance by inverting it rather than have the wire run through the entirety of the back casing.

Officially, One Plus has commented that it is not a manufacturing defect and rather it was done intentionally to give the touch sensitivity a more “Natural” feel. Though this shouldn’t affect your day to day use in any way whatsoever but, now you know why is the touch sensitivity on your One Plus 5 so “Jelly”!


And that about does it for today’s Notable posts for Nightlytech.

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