Android Oreo briefing

So it’s been another year for Android and Google has come out with their latest iteration in their long line of tasty desserts. The latest one, Android 8.0 is being called “Oreo” and yes, Google does seem to be having a tie-up with the company that does indeed make the real Oreo much like it did during the Kitkat era.

Now that Oreo is official and out there, you might be wondering of the additions this latest and greatest tasty dessert bring to the table! Well, worry not, for I shall give you the short briefing on the new things to look out for both under the hood along with visible front end changes in Android Oreo.

  1. The redesigned notification system: The new notification system bring much more flexibility and transparency to the user which was previously missing in prior iterations. You can now not only choose the types of notifications that an app delivers (such as for Twitter you can now choose how you want to get notified of likes, retweets or even comments at a very granular). From Oreo onwards, you will also be notified of apps trying to run in the background by means of a persistent icon in the status bar.Other than that you can now individually snooze app notifications without having to swipe them away altogether as well as having a new addition called “Notification dots” which basically puts a colored dot beside an app that requires your attention whenever a notification for that app arrives.
  2. The new settings menu and quick toggles: The Quick Toggles and Settings menu have gotten a splash of paint by losing their traditional dark blueish background for a more subtle yet elegant gray. The Settings menu has also lost the side-pane which was introduced in Android Nougat and the options inside have been completely redesigned to keep things as simple as can be while at the same time displaying all necessary information.
  3. Picture-in-Picture: Android Nougat had introduced a multi window feature to Android which basically allowed to apps to be run simultaneously. Well, Oreo takes it a step further by introducing Picture-in-Picture. What is does is basically allows you to pop-out any video playing in any app be it Youtube or otherwise and allows you to resize and reposition it allowing you to work on something in the background while the video continues to play in the foreground. Note that Picture-in-Picture works with the multi window as well, meaning you could essentially stream a video from Youtube while taking a photograph from your camera while replying to your Whatsapp messages on Oreo!
  4. Backend Changes: Other backend changes that Google has introduced in Oreo include things like an Autofill capability for Chrome which basically remembers all those tons of passwords to several websites on your behalf and allows to access them at the mere verification of a fingerprint. Other changes include something called “Party Mode” which is basically supposed to prevent bootloops (basically when your phone refuses to boot beyond the manufacturers’ splash screen), a faster way for updating android by simplifying the steps required through a framework Google calls, Project Treble and besides all that we have an even more improved doze mode for better battery conservation, smarter cut-copy-paste with machine learning suggesting what to next from a block of selected text etc.!


And that’s pretty much it for all the changes that were brought in with Android Oreo! If you like this post, then don’t forget to leave me a comment and for much more content like this coming real soon, stay subscribed to Nightlytech!



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