Google will soon be able to tell you if you’re depressed

Depression is something which most people do not take seriously until it takes a really nasty turn. It is a mental illness that should not be toyed with and should be taken with the gravest of concern. Depression is one of the major cause of suicide over the past decade which has seen a steady increase in the number of victims.

It is truly a horrible thing to go through or to see you loved ones go through. Medical science is trying its best to combat it but, so far, depression is winning. This is where Google steps in to give that extra nudge in our favor.

Google has always been more than just a technology company. It has always had a human element to it and this is another way of them giving back to the community that has helped it flourish over the years. Google has partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), in this strive to help eradicate depression by providing the timely assistance an individual needs to combat this illness.


So, from tomorrow onwards, if you’re in the United States and you search for “Depression”, at the very end of the search result, you’ll be presented with a questionnaire which based on which you can accurately find out if you’re going through any form of depression be it mild or severe and accordingly it will show you helplines and services that you can approach to help combat it based on your region.

This feature will start with a limited roll-out in the United States first and then shall gradually make its way worldwide soon enough.


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